Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

Since today was Veteran's Day the schools here are closed in observance of the day. So that meant, Keree didn't have any school. I had also called her Homeschool coordinator because I had heard nothing from her and I was just assuming that it was canceled today also. We spent the morning, running a few errands, I needed a certain color ribbon for an order and we also had to pick up a few balloons for the parade. When we got home, the Homeschool coordinator called me back, she apologized for not calling and then explained to me, that they hired a new Homeschool Teacher who would be visiting us. But she won't start for 4 weeks and so in the mean time, we won't be meeting with anyone. Not to happy about it but it is, what it is. We have a field trip next week with the group, so we are looking forward to it. In the afternoon, we then headed up to the car dealership who was driving Keree in the parade today. We were super excited that they had agreed to drive her as Princess Tomato. So after a few snafu's, we headed to the park for line-up. We decorated the car, well actually, all we did was add a few balloons and of course the magnets that said who she was and what her title was. While my Mom, Keree and the driver waited for the parade to start, I went and parked the van at the ending of the parade. I then hiked back to the park (16+ blocks) to take a few pictures before the parade started. I'm not in the best of shape, I'll admit it but it didn't help that it was in the low 90's today. I then walked to about the 1/4 mark so I could take a few pictures there while the parade was going. I was so excited when Keree's car finally reached where I was. She was smiling, waving and having a blast. As soon as I snapped my pictures there, I took off running to try getting to the 1/2 way mark. So off I go, through a back alley and as I was running across a parking lot, I realized my sandals were just not cutting it today for running. So I slide them off and ran almost 2 blocks in just my feet on the pavement (as I think now how stupid a move that was but hey, my baby in a parade is a big deal!). It was also quite interesting all the people staring as me running in bare feet. I made it there just in time to snap some more pictures. Of course after I got them, I ran to 3 other places just to get pictures before the parade was over. The Driver, my Mom and Keree had such a nice time. Keree loved waving to the crowd that had came out to watch. As for me, my feet are killing me, I have two huge blisters on the bottom of them. Of course, you know our day couldn't be without drama. When I got home, I had a few frantic messages about cheerleading. It seems even though yesterday's practice was do or die and the Coach strictly said "if you don't show up your not in the competition." There are 2 girls, who's parents are begging for them to be involved. My thought is too bad. The girls worked almost 3 hrs last night re-learning their entire routine because only Keree and 2 other girls showed up. Plus they want to hold another practice tomorrow night, which is impossible for us to make because we have show set-up. Of course, the decision to hold the practice was already made before we even got the call. So they are adding in these two other girls in the back row and we can only hope it's not a total disaster come the competition on Saturday! And to add to all the fun, tomorrow is Keree's parent/teacher conference. I'm heading to bed, it's just been way to much fun today...NOT!

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