Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We were slow to get going this morning, so Keree enjoyed breakfast on the road. While Keree was at school, I headed home and spent my morning working and trying to get caught up. We are so far behind for this show season. When I went to pick Keree up, the summary said that they read the book Trashy town, then watched a video about trash sorting and talked about things they can recycle. When we got home, Keree spent her day up stairs playing with her Little People sets while I worked. I'm still far from being caught up but at least I feel like we got something accomplished today. In the evening, Keree had cheer practice. Of course, we were on time but the rest of the girls showed up anywhere between 20-40 minutes late. The Coach was ticked off and I do understand. But then I think about how many times did we all show up for a practice or a game and the Coach didn't show up? Needless to say I was frustrated because I really needed to be at home working and instead, Keree and I was having a lengthy conversation about the squirrels in the park (not that I didn't love our conversation). The Coach did teach them one new lengthy cheer, so it wasn't a total waste I guess. When we got home, we ate a quick dinner and then got back to work.

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