Saturday, November 6, 2010

Show and Santa

This morning we were up way, way before the sun came up. We grabbed breakfast before heading to claim our parking spot and finish setting-up. I was lucky because Keree fell back asleep on the drive there and stayed asleep after I stopped the car. So, while we waited for the doors to open, we ate breakfast, while she caught some extra z's. For some reason, it seemed to take us forever to finish setting up (we finished just before opening). Keree spent most of her day inside her fort as she calls it. Both my Mom and I took turns walking around with her and she was excited to see her friends (fellow artists) and they were just as excited to see her. One neat thing that they added to this show this year was they had Santa walking around and also visiting with the kids. My Mom took Keree to go visit him and get their picture taken together. When he asked Keree what she wanted for Christmas, my Mom said that she totally drew a blank stare. He finally told her that it was ok, that when she decided what she wanted, she should write a letter, put it in an envelope, then put it in the mailbox and send it to him. Of course, Keree was trying everything to resist a nap, so I went for a short walk to look around and ended up running into another fellow Artist friend, who I didn't know was even there. While we were talking, Keree asked to be picked up and within 5 minutes, she was asleep on my shoulder. So, I walked back to our booth and she slept in my arms for almost an hour. My back was starting to kill me, so I ever so gently laid her down in her bed in her fort. She slept there for almost 2 hrs. Once the show was over, we headed home and after having a small dinner. We spent the rest of the night resting and getting ready for tomorrow.

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