Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

This morning Keree decided to wake up before 5am, not a wake up and go back to sleep, but a I'm ready to meet the day kind of awake. Luckily I was able to convince her to lay in bed until 6am, then she joined me in my bed after that. We made it till 7am before she needed breakfast. We took our time getting dressed even though we knew we had a ton of stuff to get done outside before the rain hit. Well, right as we were heading out, my Uncle called from middle Tennessee. So by the time we got off the phone, it was 3 1/2 hours later. And shortly after that my Brother arrived. He had planned to cook out, which poses a small problem since all I have now is a hibachi grill. Well within a few minutes of me getting it out and cleaned off (haven't used it in over a year because charcoal is such a pain). When all was said and done, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch of steak seasoned with Cajun spices, fresh from the field Sweet Corn and some fresh made Amish potato salad. Mmmmm! So we all sat outside and enjoyed the food and conversation. The only thing to damper it, was the sound of our neighbors riding dirt bikes on their track and the bugs (we actually had ants diving from our tree into our food). After we got done eating, my Mom, Brother, his Girlfriend and Keree worked on cutting a huge dead branch in the side yard, while I went about picking a big bowl of mulberries off our trees. Of course I had to sneak a few while I was picking. They aren't as sweet as previous years but they still taste pretty good. After we came in, we all jumped into the shower because we were sweaty and covered with dirt & of course my hands were stained from the berries. Keree of course missed her nap, so she was just a bear the entire evening. She feel asleep for about 10 minutes but when I tried to move her, of course she woke up and didn't go back to sleep. To try keeping her awake and at least semi-happy. I let her play some reading games on the computer. While I was trying to get them pulled up on the internet, she started talking. "You know your Dad died Mommy and that's why you were crying." So I tell her again "your right he did die and now he's in Heaven with the Angels." She then asks "what is Heaven?" I make the simplest answer I can by saying "Heaven is way, way up in the sky, the Angels and Jesus and people who have died live there". Thinking now, I should have added Animals go to Heaven too. Then the rest of the conversation basically went like this "I think he would want me to go play with his Kitty Cats. I bet they are really, really sad. Whose going to take care of them?" I explain to her that Grandma P will take care of the Kitty Cats. Well she wasn't happy with my answer because she said "Well why does Grandma P get Grandpa's Kitty Cats?" I explain to her because they were BOTH Grandpa and Grandma P's Kitty Cats and she would be very sad if they didn't live with her anymore. She then goes "Oh ok, I still think I need to go play with them." By then the computer program had started, so she got distracted by that and just wanted to play the game.

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