Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Headache Wednesday

I know I should be talking about Lesson 5 but instead we took a day off. I didn't plan on taking the day off but I woke up this morning with one of the worst migraines. I tried to stay in bed as long as I could and luckily after turning on cartoons and getting Keree a bowl of fruit loops, I was set for at least a few hours. We made it to 9am (Sesame Street), when she started begging to get dressed and put on her shoes, socks and brace so she could go outside. Since we did have things to get done this morning, like moving the bridge that crosses our creek and planting some vegetables my Mom picked up for us. We spent almost 3 hours in the super hot and muggy outdoors while trying to dig up the bridge, unassemble it and load parts of it onto the tractor. Then we had to hook the tow rope up because we couldn't get the main bridge part unwedged and moved. All in the meanwhile, Keree is climbing up and then off the tractor, poking sticks into the snake holes all around the creek and trying to help. Once we got everything moved, we were all miserable, hot and sweaty, so Keree begged to go swimming. So I happily obliged and she got to take the inaugural swim in her new Fairy Princess pool. While she swam, I worked on planting our vegetable plants. We have tried for the last 3 years to put in a huge vegetable garden on our 3 acres and every year, we will have these healthy beautiful plants and the next day they will be brown, shriveled up and dead. We cannot explain it, other than we think it has to do with either the pipeline running across our land, the chemicals put on the crops near our land or some leftover issues from the Military base nearby. So basically, we made the decision late in last years summer to container grow our vegetables and we had great luck with tomatoes. So with an amazing yard sale find from last year, I assembled the Patio Garden (sold at most chain stores for $99.) Once I got all the plants, planted, I stood back and was amazed at how awesome my $3 Patio Garden looks. Now just hoping maybe sometime this yard sale season, I'll find another one for under $5. We spent the afternoon and into the evening working outside on various garden/yard projects. We headed in right before 7pm, to enjoy a night in front of the TV watching the American Idol Finale. Everyone is in bed now and that's really where I need to be. I'm excited because tomorrow I get to see my Cousins D & S from AZ, who I haven't seen since a few days after Keree's 1st Birthday.

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