Thursday, July 5, 2012

She Won....

As Keree puts it, today started off as a bad day because it was hot and we had to run errands. Who cares that the majority of those errands were things pertaining to her and her activities. We ran by the Library and got her reading log stamped. She also picked out her weekly prize, which was a bowl of Pho on a keychain. We ran down to the Fairgrounds in hopes that the new County Fair Premium books would be out (they've been promising over a month that they were ready). Well needless to say, when we arrived, they were still at the printers. UGH!! We had a few more stops to make but it was getting way to hot. The van's a/c is out and has been all summer. So we opted that we would finish up our errands tomorrow. 
Once we got home, we just vegged out. Honestly, it was too hot to do anything except to lay in front of the fans. We finally headed back outside to get the mail and to our surprise there was a letter for Keree and it was from our electric company. I really thought it was strange until I opened it. I had completely forgot that she had entered their coloring contest way back in the beginning of April. To our surprise, she won 1st place and got $15 in McDonald's gift cards! Her picture is going to be featured in the electric companies magazine and I can't wait for it to arrive.

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