Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bargain Hunting

Today was my Bro's last full day in town, tomorrow he heads home. We got to spend the majority of the afternoon with him, which was nice. Since the house is so hot and miserable (we don't have a/c and the fans just aren't cutting it), we decided to take him over to the Goodwil Outlet. Now usually it is somewhat clean but this time, it was just downright nasty to dig in some bins. Actually this is the first time I've walked out of there and felt I needed to scrub down from head to toe. I always say that it's like Black Friday, people clammer when the new bins are rolled out and fight to find the best things. As they always say, ones mans trash is another treasure. 
I found a good deal of books and actually some really cool vintage Golden books, my Brother got some sports books and vintage glass ware and Keree was excited that I found her a princess carriage and also Link & Cockroach PD from Monsters vs Aliens. Now, we are only missing two from the entire set. 
 When we got home, we all scrubbed down and spent a short time visiting with my Bro outside. He was meeting The Girlfriend to have dinner with her parents. As for us, we spent the rest of the night chilling since it was 106 again today and that was without the heat index.

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