Sunday, July 8, 2012

Prin cess To ma to

We got to the festival early, it was already close to 100 degrees at 9 am. So, everyone was taking bets on how quickly the ice sculpture would melt. It was pretty much gone by noon. Because we got there early, we got to visit with our neighbors who had entered two of their classic cars into the car show that was also being held there. Right around 10 am, we went to find our seats for the pageant, we wanted seats in the shade and in the front row. It was so nice that two sets of neighbors and then a few of their friends came to cheer Keree on. What was even more amazing is that my Aunt P actually showed up on time and was also able to cheer Keree on. Around 10:45, my Mom took Keree to get dressed and ready. 
Keree was contestant number 7 in the line-up. The other girls who came before her either forgot their fun fact or did great. Keree went up there and didn't miss a beat when repeating her fun fact. Which was "The Cat sup bott le was finished being built in Lousville, KY in 1949."
 Keree then sang acapella, I make my own sunshine. Because at first all you do is humming, I really think that a lot of people thought that was all she was going to do. But as soon as she started singing, she had the crowd captivated.
 She even had a few hand movements to it.
This was after all the contestants competed. There were eight girls and two boys. It was driving the director nuts that they didn't have the results done quickly. I guess it was a tough competition.
Even though it was 112 degrees at this point, Keree still kept a smile on her face waiting to hear...honestly she was just waiting for her bottle of cat sup that they even forgot to give out. Keree really is all about the cat -sup.
First they gave out the awards to the boys and then it was time for the girls to get their awards. I honestly wasn't sure if Keree was going to win Queen but when she wasn't called for first place. I just knew she had won. This is Prin cess To ma to 2011 crowning her.
 And here they are putting on her sash.
Another picture of them trying to put on her sash. 
So here she is, Prin cess To ma to 2012, our Keree. 

After the pageant, we stayed around the festival. We got a few pictures taken with our neighbors classic cars (which were happy to say that they also won a few awards). Keree meet some NFL cheerleaders, ate some of the birthday cupcakes and then.... 
 she played some class birthday party games. Her favorite was pass the cat sup bottle.
 At the end of the festival, actually we left with about an hour left. Our Neighbor treated Keree to a snow cone. Keree was excited because she was even able to add her own flavor. She went with orange sunburst and very wild cherry. When we got home, Keree spent her evening calling the Great-Grandparents and her Uncle to tell them that she won. She's so excited to be Prin cess To ma to.

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