Friday, July 6, 2012

I Hoppy Friday

So, we got up early this morning to finish up our errands from yesterday. First on our list was to sign up for Keree's next session of Irish step dancing. Keree really loves it and honestly their time and place just works with our schedule. After making a few other stops, we finally decided to use a gift card my Mom got for her birthday back in April. Since it's a blistering 110 degrees outside, we opted to eat inside I hop to enjoy their air conditioning. Keree and I split lunch which was a pot roast sandwich (it was so good) and some cheesy potato soup, which Keree ate the most of. Of course, she also had to eat the majority of my Mom's pancakes also. 
When we were finished we headed home. Since it was so hot, we ended up all falling asleep in front of the fans. Which was sort of a bad thing because we needed to finish up Keree's outfit for the pageant this weekend. Once we were up, we got Keree's outfit done. Keree was hungry, so she finished up Grandma's pancakes for dinner. And, Before we knew it, the news was on.

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