Monday, July 23, 2012

Play Ball!

Tonight, Keree had the great honor of not only getting to sing God Bless America during the opening ceremony of the Grizz lies game (think Minor league baseball) but she also got to start the game! Being that it was a Monday night game and also that it was 116 degrees (without heat index), the crowds were a little light. But if you saw the shaded side of the stadium, it was packed.  My Mom, myself and my Aunt P was able to watch this amazing moment in Keree's life. 
This is the head of promotions walking Keree out to the dirt right behind Home plate. 
 Keree singing God Bless America. I was amazed to look around and see quite a few people wiping tears from there eyes. Not sure if it's because of the song or because of how amazing Keree did. I'm going with, how amazing Keree sang!
The flag is in Center Field, so that is why she has her back to the stands. 
 This is Keree with K urt Cope land getting ready to start the game.
The microphone wasn't working at this point, so Keree had to yell "Play Ball." Which, she threw her arm up and yelled Play Ball. It was so adorable.
 Keree with Izzy, he is the mascot of the Grizz lies baseball team.
The view from our seats. Tonight was also $2 nacho night at the ball park. Since none of us had eaten, we decided to try their pulled pork and buffalo chicken nachos. They were so good and none of us were able to finish our plates.
 One of Keree's many favorite moments of the nights, the running of the eyeballs. Seriously, it is hilarious to watch a bunch of eyeballs bounce around the field.
 Keree got a game-used baseball signed by all the baseball players. She was in heaven. Kurt chuckled and told us how adorable and smart she was because when he handed back her baseball, she gripped it only on the red seams. To top off such a wonderful night, the Home team won 12-6!

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