Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stupid Golden Ticket Popsicles

When Keree got home from school today she was just upset. Basically, at her school, they have a Golden ticket system. The way it's suppose to work is if the child is good, they get a ticket. Well in her classroom, that's not how it works. They award the ticket when a child who is constantly bad is good for even a short time. Keree has gotten a few golden tickets but never from her Teacher, they are usually from the Assistant School Principal and Music Teacher. Well today was the very last time to have her Golden Ticket picked for a popsicle party. Of course, the Worst Behaved, Awful Boy in her class, well his ticket was drawn out of the bucket. So, she was upset.  She wanted to go to the popsicle party, she wanted to be recognized as a kid who has never pulled a behavior card, she wanted to have popsicles with the Principal. So in a desperate attempt to make my daughter realize that she doesn't need some stupid popsicle party. I devised that tomorrow we will have an Ice Cream party for dinner. Keree's face lite-up like a Christmas tree, she was so excited. She rushed to tell my Mom who was less than thrilled but once I took her aside and explained what happened she was on board. I may not be able to fix everything (especially all the issues I have with that school) but I can sometimes give my Daughter, Ice Cream for dinner.

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