Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ice Cream Dinner Party!

Today was my Great Ice Cream for Dinner plan and I'm pretty sure it worked. So after picking Keree up from school, we headed to the store to get all the ingredients we needed for our Ice Cream Dinner Party. Luckily, one of the grocery discount stores was having a sale on ice cream & ice cream makings because in planning all this, I knew I had only sixteen dollars to spend and put on this elaborate party for Keree. I guess, honestly, I should have planned it for once I got paid on the 4th but when your child is upset, you'll do anything and everything to make it better. On our drive to the Grocery store, Keree goes "are we really going to have ice cream for dinner??" and I respond back "yes, I swear, we are really going to have ice cream for dinner!" She was quiet for a short time, when suddenly she goes, "can we have a snack?" My response was, "no, are you crazy, your already getting ice cream for dinner!" And my daughter, in her amazing wisdom, goes "No, Mom, I think we should have bratwursts for our snack." I had to laugh, most other kids out there would jump at the chance to have ice cream for dinner but not my daughter, she knew she needed something more than just ice cream. So, at the store, we picked up all the fixings for our Ice Cream dinner party. We picked up ice cream, waffle bowls, cherries, bananas chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and of course bratwursts. Amazingly, for everything we got, we only spent $11.23. Once home, we ate our snack of bratwursts and corn. Then when it got dinner time, we made our ice cream creations. Keree just giggled as we assembled them, everytime we added an ingredient she would giggle harder and harder. As we sat there and ate our ice cream creations, Keree looked over at me and goes "Mom, this is one of the best days of my life." At first, all I could do was smile at her but then I go this is so much better than a golden ticket popsicle party isn't it. She grinned and shook her head yes.

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