Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1st Day of Summer Break

Well as Keree would tell it, today was her first day as a 1st grader. So to celebrate the first day of summer break, Keree and my Mom fixed orange cinnamon rolls. I can't believe that this was the first time we had made them since Keree came home and she's 6 now. My Mom use to make them at least once a month when my Brother and I was growing up. It was such a treat to have them on a Sunday morning, to wake up to that ooey-gooey smell. After breakfast, we headed into town to meet up with Keree's homeschool pre-school teacher from last year. At the end of last year, before we had our last meeting, Ms. Jen had her baby. So, we have been trying literally for a year to get our schedule together and see each other. We sat and talked together for almost 3 hours. We talked about the struggles Keree went through this year, about how advanced she was over the other kids and how I'm seriously going to withdraw her from public school. I know people think I'm nuts when I say this as a Single Mom, that I want to homeschool my daughter but with the kindergarten year from hell, where she literally learned nothing in the public school system and basically would have wasted a year of education if I hadn't been teaching her when she came home from school. Ok, ok, so I'm totally off topic and seriously that could be a whole series of posts. So after our visit, we headed home. We spent today as a down day, we watched some cartoons, we love Wild Kratts, we worked some math problems, almost finished a entire workbook just today, and played outside for a short time before the skeeters started biting. Once inside for the night, we mellowed out and talked about what we wanted to do this summer.

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