Saturday, July 9, 2011

Inaugural Swim

Today was suppose to be a day full of family together time. My Brother had promised Keree that his girlfriend and him would spend the day playing Rapunzel with her. Then his girlfriend had talked on the phone with Keree and also promised her that they would spend the day playing together. This morning, when my Brother arrived, we assumed his girlfriend would be with him but instead she opted to stay with her family. Keree was disappointed that his girlfriend wasn't there but she was excited to play with her Uncle. Keree and Uncle, played outside for a short time this morning with water guns. It was so funny watching them pretend to be attacking each other but instead they attacked my Mom and get her wet. But once we headed inside, it perplexed me when instead of playing with Keree, he spent most of the day upstairs rearranging his former room. So Keree spent her time playing Rapunzel by herself because I was trying to get some work done. I was irritated by the whole situation because I had made a triple batch of Butter Beef, so I would have enough to feed everyone both lunch and dinner. If I knew the girlfriend wasn't going to show up, I honestly would have not fixed it at all and opted for something mexican instead. Of course today also turned out hot, which was great since we finally set-up the kiddie pool yesterday. So late afternoon, we decided to head out for the inaugural swim. We thought that the water would have really heated up over night and during the day but instead it was still chilly. Keree had a blast flying down the slide. My Brother got in for a short time but it was too cold for him. As for me, I enjoyed being in the cold water but I'm also someone who loves cold showers. Needless to say, we had so much fun. After drying off and heading inside, we relaxed and watched the newer Wall Street movie together. Keree and Mom went to bed around 9p but I stayed up with my Brother and finished watching the movie. His girlfriend arrived around 930p and was upset that Keree was already in bed because she wanted to play with Keree. WTH! It's 930 at night and now you want to play with my Daughter. Why didn't you keep your promise to her and spend the day with us or at least show up before bedtime? Needless to say, as soon as the movie was off I headed to bed because I was just aggervated.

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