Monday, July 11, 2011

Heat Wave

Like usual, we were up early and even though it was almost 123 degrees yesterday and didn't drop below 101 degrees overnight, this morning when I went outside it felt cool. Ok not cool but tolerable. So we got dressed quickly and headed out. We enjoyed some cinnamon rolls while sitting in the shade for breakfast, it was wonderful. While we sat there, Keree wanted to talk. I was surprised when she brought up death, cemeteries, resurrection and adoption. Needless to say it was a wide range of thoughts and feelings. What cracked me up even more was when my Mom came out to join us and Keree told her to go back inside because we were talking about serious stuff. My Mom looked at me and I told Keree to tell her what we were talking about, my Mom looked at me perplexed but I just shrugged my shoulders and told her that Keree brought it up. By the time my Mom had headed out, we were actually about to start heading in because suddenly it got super hot. Honestly, I'm not sure being inside was any better since we still opt not to have a/c. For the first time in a long time, it was just too hot to do anything once we were inside even with the fans. So we indeed up just sitting in front of the fans with a great big glass of ice water and watched some mindless tv shows. By the time early evening rolled around it was still blistering hot outside and we were super hot & sweaty. So off we went to take a dip in the kiddie pool before bed. We spent almost 3 hours cooling off in the pool and only headed in when we couldn't keep the mosquitoes at bay any more. So after heading inside, we headed to bed.

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