Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

It never did cool down past 97 last night, so this morning it was just plain hot, muggy and miserable inside and out. Because of this, Keree woke up in a total funk...no, it was more than a funk, she was downright crabby. Since we really didn't have any plans today other than being around the house and me working on crafty stuff, I let her hang out in her pajamas until after 10a. While I was cleaning out a box, I found an old kids meal toy that I had gotten (when I worked outside the home, I ate a kids meal almost every day). So, I let Keree open it up and get to work putting the stickers on it. While she was busy, I realized I was out of quite a few things, so that meant a trip into town was required. Once Keree was dressed, we headed outside to give her new kids meal toy a spin. It took Keree awhile to figure out the proper way to make the helicopters fly but eventually she got the hang of it. By then, she was in a little better mood, so we headed to the store. Of course, all the things I needed were full price and even though I needed them, I couldn't bring myself to pay full price. So I grabbed two things, I couldn't wait on and vowed to return on Monday hoping that everything else I need is on sale. We decided to walk through the super household clearance area while we were there. Everything was 90% off and as much as I was protesting us walking through it, I'm glad we did. I was able to score my Cousin's wedding gift (3 really cool wall hangings), my other Cousin's graduation & birthday gift (embroidered pillow & treasure box) plus a ton of really cool things for Christmas presents. We got out of there with literally 2 carts overflowing with presents for $37. Really wish I had remembered my camera because it was impressive. Once we got home, Keree played and I worked. Keree decided that she didn't need to take a nap today and I was too hot to fight her on it. As the night wore on, I was surprised that she didn't want to go to bed early. Finally she decided she was tired and headed into lay with my Mom until she fell asleep or so I thought. I got caught up doing some work and before I knew it, it was almost 2a. While I was turning off the lights, I was suddenly surprised to see my daughter. She had fallen asleep on the couch in this funky position. So after snapping the picture, I picked her up and tucked her into bed. Still not sure how she indeed up on the couch.

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