Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cookie Time

Today was the official start of the cookie selling season. We were suppose to be selling in front of a store but through a series of events, it didn't happen. Well, I still had to pick up our twenty cases of cookies. So we decided to sale them door to door instead. This way we didn't have to worry about delivering them to our relatives who would of normally bought them from us since we don't know when we'll be moving or how long we'll be in the area. We ended up selling 50 boxes in one day, so I think that was awesome. We probably could of done more but we had super cold, rainy weather moving in and it was killing Keree's legs.
 This evening, Keree opened up her very last Christmas present. Ok, it was already unwrapped but she hadn't opened the box yet. My Brother's girlfriend, got Keree the Monster High Create a Monster design lab. I wasn't sure if Keree would like it because whenever we go down the toy aisle and she sees the monster body parts, she tells me that they creep her out. I was sort of excited to try it but after reading the directions, realized it was going to be messy.
 I wish they could of figured out a better way with the water that is used to apply the tattoos. But Keree thoroughly enjoyed herself. She loved putting the tattoos on the dolls. And she loved picking out what went on her face, arms and legs. Still all I could think was it's so messy but then I thought, man, I wish we had another doll to design.  
 And finally, here is Keree with her finished Monster. Right now, she's calling her Miss Monster.

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