Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's Getting Real

This morning, I got a call from HR at SCC. They couldn't figure out why I hadn't responded to their emails. Umm, maybe because I hadn't gotten them. So, I gave HR another email address to send it go and amazingly this time it came through both emails. I'm thinking that they had forgotten to send me anything! It gave me a few instructions with some paperwork I had to return for my background check and then she confirmed my address to send my drug test paperwork too. Wow, I guess this is really going to happen! We had some errands to run after I talked to the HR lady.
So when we returned home, this was all that was left of our snowman. Keree was sad to see it him melt. I was just happy that it was a little warmer outside today. Too bad it isn't going to last and soon it's going to be really cold again.
We also spent the day talking about buying an RV, RV living and  figuring out what lies ahead in the next few weeks and months. I've also been using my crockpot for cooking almost all our meals. It's just so much easier to be able to throw in all the ingredients, set the heat setting and walk away. I made Korean inspired ribs tonight and they were so good. They were so flavorful, tender and everyone ate seconds and thirds. I served them with a pickled style cole slaw.

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