Monday, August 13, 2012

Official 1st Day

We considered today, our 1st day of school and 1st grade. So what did we do? Well we spent the entire day in our pajamas. To be honest, it was so hot, it was actually cooler to stay in our pajamas. We did a full day of school today. We worked on math, french, science, geography, history and language. 
So what is Keree doing in our homeschool right now:
Math - right now we are working on two and three digit adding, we will be moving on shortly to greater, lesser, equal.
Language - we are working on learning the parts of a sentence (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc). She also has to write everyday a complete and proper paragraph in her notebook. Along with other activites.
Reading - she just started reading Chapter books. Before now, she would get upset that there was so many pages, so she would refuse to read them. But something just clicked a few weeks ago and she likes that she can mark her pages and then continue the story later.
Spelling - I will be using the spelling list from her old school, she will be learning the 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade list every week and then I test her on it at the end of the week. I looked at all three lists and couldn't help but laugh because they are so easy and honestly don't think they will be too much of a challenge for her.
Geography - we are learning about the 50 states
Science - we are learning about the solar system, space and space travel
History - we are learning about important symbols in the United States and their history
French - we are working on basic greeting, animals, colors and days of the week.

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