Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st Time Bowling

Keree was invited to a birthday party for her friend, Alicia (from kindergarten and scouts). We were quite excited because it was a bowling party and Keree had never been bowling. For everything we have done with Keree, it honestly surprises me that we haven't been bowling. Keree had so much fun, she used the smallest bowling ball there and it was still way to heavy. I had to help her carry the ball to the line and then she would roll it down the lane. 

Some of her technique was quite funny. It also was amazing her ball actually reached the end of the lane. The ball moved so slowly down the lane that her turn would last almost 3-4 minutes. There was also a time or two that it stopped mid-lane. I would then have to throw a ball down there to get it moving again. 
 Keree was so proud of herself here. Can you see that, she left only one pin standing! This was her best roll of the day.
 Keree and the Birthday girl, Alicia. 

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