Thursday, August 9, 2012

County Fair Talent Show

This evening, was the County Fair Talent Show. This is Keree's 3rd year participating (she missed last year because we were out of town), she is also on the record books as being the youngest to ever compete at the age of 3. There was over 30 acts this year competing and Keree drew the #11 spot. We were also thrilled that my Aunt P was able to join us for the evening. Keree was so cute when she got on stage, she sang "I make my own sunshine" and even had a few dance moves to it. There was so much applause when Keree came off stage. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good still pictures because their lighting in there is so wonky that all of them indeed up either blurred or super dark. I did take a video also, so we at least have that. 
 It was after 9pm, when they finally announced the winners. We honestly was shocked by who the winner was, actually the entire crowd was shocked. But I had seen her Mom greet one of the judges before the competition started and they were old friends. Keree's scores were amazing except from the one judge. From Keree's scores and talking with the others that competed about their scores, she was either in 4th or 5th place this year. Honestly, it doesn't matter except for those who the audience really thought deserved to get something. A couple of people asked me if Keree was sad because she didn't win. I told them, she doesn't care, she got a ribbon and she knows she did a good job. I mean look at that smile, she's so proud of her accomplishment.

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