Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sickly Wednesday

I can't believe it's Wednesday, somehow I missed a day and have swore up and down all day it was Tuesday. I really hate when this happens. So now I feel like I'm behind on everything. Spent most of the day getting ready for our Daisies Investiture ceremony which is Friday night. I'm so excited for Keree and the other girls. As for the sick, I'm still feeling like crap from this cough and then today my Mom decided to start puking her guts out. Of course, I had to join her with the puking right before bed. As for Keree, after school, we spent the late afternoon/evening together since my Mom was asleep. We had a nice dinner of veggie lasagna and salad. Of course, Keree stole all the olives off my salad. We read a few books and then rotted our brain with tv. Keree headed to bed early, which I'm hoping she's just tired and not getting sick like the rest of us. Praying we will be at least 80% by Friday.

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