Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Of course, this morning we had to wake up a little late. Which of course, I planned on leaving the house by a certain time and we were almost 15 minutes late leaving. But I guess I should learn that I pad our arrival time by alot, so we aren't late. We ended up having enough time to grab some breakfast and still arrived almost 45 minutes early. Today our Daisy Scouts had a Ballet and You session, so they could earn their dance patch. There was only suppose to be maybe 20 girls and limited to 2 Adults per troop. Of course, as we have found out with our new, improved council that was not the case. There was almost 45 girls and I can't even tell you how many adults. Being of course a stickler for the rules, our 3 girls had 2 Adults and me and another Mom waited outside. We did get to go inside for a short time to watch the girls perform. They were so cute and listened so well. I
have to brag that the 3 girls who are very active in the troop are so well behaved. After they finished up their dance, we gathered the girls together and the Leader (aka my Mom) awarded them with their Girl Scout week patch. We then all gave our good-bye hugs and see ya soons before we headed home. By the time we got home, all the St. Patrick's day parades were over. I was a little
bummed out that we really couldn't celebrate and honestly with as sick as we have all been, we didn't even make green colored food. In the evening, we were suppose to go bowling with out adoption group but lately I have wanted to distance myself from the group. I feel bad about it but I got roped into helping out with the group and things just don't feel like they are meshing. It's like the group is split in two by those who are hard-core religious and then those of us who just want our kids to be around other adopted kids. So, luckily we got hit with a really nasty storm, plus we all still awful from this virus we all have. I used the excuse that the storm was just to bad to go out in and we still felt sick. So we spent the rest of our evening together. We finished reading Keree's six books for her book it list and then she helped me sew on her new patch. We all headed to bed early because none of us was feeling that well.

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