Saturday, June 4, 2011

Strawberry Festival - Day 1

Of course our first show that the weatherman predicts with no rain, instead turns out to be one of the hottest June days in 100+ years. We are having normal mid-July heat, so just hope that mid-July won't be hotter because that would mean 200 degree heat or so. So, we got up early and was here by 5a, I'm so thankful for a show that's close to home because that means our own bed everynight. We had a little bit to set-up but thankfully not to much because we were still dragging from yesterday's heat. I'm also thankful we were there early because people started shopping by 7a and the show didn't start till 10a. Keree tolerated the heat well and thankfully we are a diversified booth we also faired better than most vendors who still didn't even break-even. Now Keree did get to do a few fun things - ok most kids wouldn't think it was fun but she did. We wrote a few postcards to family members and one to herself. She then got to buy stamps and ask for the special commerative cancelation of the stamps to celebrate the Strawberry Festival. I'm pretty excited for our postcard to arrive back at home to see it. They were also giving away free strawberries and Keree got one that was almost as big as her hand. The rest of Keree's day was spent either drawing, watching movies and trying to stay cool in front of the fan we brought from home. As for Mom and I, by the end of the show today, the heat had gotten to our brains. I actually had to drag out the caculator to add things up to make sure I was charging the Customers correctly. Now the highlight and lowlight of the day was a guy who called himself a one man circus. Needless to say he was one of the worst jugglers I've ever seen. I can't count how many times he dropped the knives or the flaming baton. If it wasn't so funny, I probably would have been more scared because he was within 10 ft of us. I just kept imagining him catching our tent on fire because of his uncoordination. Then later on in the day, the One Man Circus and the Balloon Clown got into a fight over street placement. I have never laughed so hard as they both shook fingers at each other. Once the festival was over, we closed up our tent for day 2. We headed home, picked up some fast food dinner, took a cold shower and crashed into bed.

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