Monday, June 13, 2011


Well our plan was to head home today but after much discussion, we decided to stay an extra day. We rented a rug doctor machine and spent the entire day scrubbing my Brother's apartment floors. Honestly, we though one or two rounds per room but we started before 7a and was still working on it when he got home at 7p. There were times when I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing with a scrub brush in some spots. The funny thing is, my Brother is a total neat freak, I mean color codes his shirts, etc. But for some reason, even though he vaccumes his floor and works on getting stains up, it still was a mess. So while we cleaned, Keree worked on some sticker mosaics. She loves doing them and most of the time it gives us a solid hour of complete silence and concentration. Since I hadn't originally planned on fixing dinner this evening, when I ran to the store I saw a La Rosa's frozen lasagna. LaRosa's is an Ohio based company (which also has expanded to include Indiana & Kentucky) and we've never tired them before, so I thought why not. My goodness, they have some of the best tomato sauce I have ever had, their lasagna was stuffed with cheese. Because everyone else in the family likes meat lasagna, that's the kind I bought, I was thrilled that the meat was smooth and not chunky like most times. I honestly spent the rest of the evening talking about how good the lasagna was. It was so good, that I was tempted to go to the grocery store before we left and buy a few of them for home. We ended our evening by just being together, talking, playing and just enjoying our time together. I have to say Keree and I are really going to miss Ohio and this will probably be our last time visiting my Brother there because he's looking to be transfered out of state by Halloween.

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