Monday, January 2, 2012

Day Two of the New Year

My entire house woke up late this late, I mean it was 10 minutes till 9am. We had planned on having breakfast and then taking a few family pictures before my Brother head home to Ohio. But since it was so late, we skipped breakfast and captured a few family pictures since we didn't get any during Christmas. We were all surprised at how well they turned out since we had the camera sat on some boxes and the timer set. After pictures were taken, we helped my Brother load a few more boxes into his car and then said our good-byes. Being that he will be moving to Michigan before late spring, we know our visits with him will become less frequent. Well unless Keree has her way, she told me that she's ready for us to move and live with Uncle. Since we were starving, I decided to throw together a crustless quiche. Literally, I started off with a basic recipe and then started adding other stuff that sounded good. So our crustless quiche had spinach, ham, onions,
roasted red peppers and 3 kinds of cheese in it. I honestly didn't know how it was going to taste but it was so pretty coming out of the oven that I had to take a picture. Thankfully, it tasted as good as it looked. As for the rest of our day, Keree spent her time playing on her new ds that my Step-Mom got her for Christmas. My Mom and I worked on adding photos to the shop website. So not a very eventful day two of the New Year.

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