Friday, August 12, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

Today we headed off to our home school to register Keree for kindergarten. Now I know that basically school starts in 6 days but I had a plan. I'm not that fond of our home school, originally we were suppose to attend a different school but they changed the school lines on us. So because of that, I did a ton of research on how to get Keree into the school, I originally planned on her going to. Well come to find out, if all the Kindergarten classrooms are full at the homeschool, she should be able to go to whatever school has an opening. Thus, getting to go to the school I want her to attend. Yet there was only one snag......
Turns out, that also this year they decided to change the rules, verbally. So that means, even though the Kindergarten classrooms are full, Keree is stuck at our home school. To tell you how upset about this, is an understatement. Our other snafu was that because I still have some of Keree's paperwork in Vietnamese. The school started to insist that they had to call Keree by her Vietnamese name. Umm, yeah her COC is in her English name but lets not call her that. I told them she wouldn't answer her Vietnamese name, that she doesn't know that name. They said, too bad! Well this Momma bear was hot! I drove right over to the Superintendent's office and all I had to do was talk to his very sweet secretary and with one phone call, everything was straightened out. Otherwise, we have a giant supply list....I mean seriously do they really need 4 boxes of 24 ct crayons, 40 sticks of glue, 4 bottles of glue and the list goes on. The list is single spaced, 2 columns, 12 pt type and front and partly back of the paper.

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